Ayako Yamazaki, M.A., Registered Associate PCC (APCC 4966)



Ayako Yamazaki, MA, APCC #4966

Ayako Yamazaki works in our San Jose location. At this time, Ayako is meeting with clients through Teletherapy only.

I would like you to experience being seen, heard, and accepted.

What are you passionate about? What do you feel most comfortable doing? I know from my personal experience that exploring what you love and genuinely desire often leads to healing and empowering yourself. If you are not sure where you are or who you are at the moment, I would like to help you find the real you and learn how to maintain that authenticity in everyday life. I provide a safe place for you to express your voice, you decide how you share your story with me.  

My special interests include working with autistic individuals. I value neurodiversity and truly believe in unique and sometimes extraordinary passion, knowledge and talents that autistic people have. I have received training and continue to learn more in order to develop my skills and expertise with the autistic population. As a mother myself, I am also passionate about helping mothers with challenging issues such as postpartum anxiety and depression.

I was born and raised in Japan, so I would be happy to conduct sessions in Japanese if you wish. Since I spent the first half of my life in Japan and the second half in the U.S. as an immigrant, I have first hand experience of living in two distinctively different cultures and a significant amount of compassion and appreciation for those who are from different cultural backgrounds. 

I’m a member of the California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (CALPCC) and hold a master’s degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University.

Please feel free to contact me at ayamazaki@nugenttherapy.com or you can call me at (408) 345-5093 with your name, phone number, a brief description of your concern or issues and how I may be of service to you. I am available to meet with you via Zoom.

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