Brian Thomason, M.S.(2), AMFT #114639

Brian Thomason works in our San Jose location. Currently, Brian sees clients in office and through Teletherapy

Wellness is the integration of physical and mental health.  With a background of experience and education in Clinical Psychology and Physiology, I focus on the big picture, striving to improve your overall wellness.  My areas of specialization include working with children, ages 4-10, including ADHD and OCD diagnosis, working with adolescent boys, ages 11-25, parent coaching, and working with relationship issues, including couples and marriage counseling.  I am friendly to sexual minority groups, including Polyamorous and LGBTQ.  Please feel free to contact me directly, for scheduling or inquiries, via text, email, or voice call:, (650) 248-2731.  I am available for office visits with social distancing, or via telehealth, using the Zoom platform.

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