Mark A. Mariscal, M.A., AMFT #101399

I believe in a judgment-free space for you as a client to express your thoughts, feelings and, emotions. I understand that culture and spirituality are huge factors in the way that we process our thoughts and actions. With collaboration and the right skills learned in therapy, I am a believer that each client can reach their goals and improve their overall life.


Teens, children, couples, families and individuals who are struggling with anxiety, stress related disorders, adjustment, depression, oppositional defiance, self-harming behaviors, low self-esteem and relationships.

I believe that having a stable mental health is a core piece of living a successful and joyful life. I am passionate about helping individuals reach their goals and overcome any obstacles that are roadblocks in their lives. I believe that with the right tools and support every individual can make positive changes in the most difficult of times.

I graduated from John F. Kennedy University with my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. John F. Kennedy taught me the theoretical side of therapy and counseling which prepared me for my first experiences as a therapist at Chamberlain’s Mental Health. As a graduate student I provided individual and family therapy as well as creating a curriculum and implementing therapeutic interventions for Chamberlain’s day treatment program for children who were unable to attend school due to emotional dysregulation.

Towards the end of my schooling, I began working for a nonprofit agency, Uplift Family Services. My role was to support high needs clients who were at risk of being removed from their family/foster placement. As the lead facilitator, it was my job to provide therapy to clients and create individual treatment plans that supported the client with reducing their symptoms as well as stabilizing their placement with their family. Currently, I am working at Community Solutions providing therapy to clients who are struggling with PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, homicidal ideation, oppositional defiant behavior, and other high-risk behaviors.  I believe that my experience working with high-risk clients is a blessing because I am able to get at the root cause of their mental health problems and support them with reducing their symptoms and becoming stable. My goal is to provide client-centered treatment that will help clients change negative thinking and behaviors with experiencing a new way of thinking that will become a new way of living.


Please call me at 408-359-7239 or email me at Please provide your name, phone number, and a brief description of your concern or issues and how I may be of service to you. My typical response time is within 24 hours. Schedule an appointment today with our online calendar.

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