Vanessa Naval is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner who completed her Master of Science Nursing Degree in 2012 at Holy Names University and Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree at San Francisco State University in 2009. Vanessa specializes in Psychiatric medicine since 2018. She currently works part-time as a mid-level provider at Seton Hospital in an inpatient Geri-Psychiatric unit. She has a background in Sports Medicine and is an Orthopaedic injection specialist trained at Stanford Health Care from 2013-2017. With a vast array of hospital experience including ICU staff nurse from 2010-2012, psychiatric medicine became an area she is passionate about and she has received extensive training to attain an in-depth knowledge of clinical disease processes common to pediatric and adult populations in psychiatric treatment settings. Vanessa is compassionate results-driven healthcare professional with progressive experience in a wide variety of scopes so that she continues to facilitate efficient and effective recovery of her patients.

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