James Geri

LMFT #138928

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James Geri LMFT #138928

I seek to provide my clients with a trusting and secure environment in which they can find personal healing and growth, and explore their life in altogether new ways. My approach centers on culturally relevant, relational, and evidence-based practices. I adapt my approach to each individual, meeting them wherever they are when we begin our therapeutic work together.

Communities I specialize with are people making or experiencing life transitions, those in grief, anxiety, depression, and survivors of trauma (emotional, physical and sexual). Veterans’ mental health and affairs is also an area of extensive expertise for me. I work with adults, teenagers ages 16-18, and young adults in transitional life stages.

I believe in the therapeutic power of relationships with animals. I have extensive knowledge and care for human-canine relationships in particular, gained through my work with dogs in various formal and informal capacities for over 30 years (this includes coaching people on positive reinforcement training techniques for the past decade).

I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Bachelors’ degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University. Prior to my academic experience, I was a Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy specializing in field medicine, emergency medicine/transport and neuropsychiatry.

Anyone seeking space for personal healing and growth is encouraged to contact me. Please email me at [email protected] or call me at 415-870-3962. A typical response is within 24 hours.

I look forward to supporting your journey.