5 Reasons to Consider Anger Management Counseling

Anger can cause more problems than you realize. And, conversely, anger management support can benefit you in many unexpected ways. With anger management counseling, you can take back your quality of life from your negative emotions.

The mental health counseling team at Nugent Family Counseling Center, led by Dr. Geoff Nugent, can help new and existing patients with anger management needs from locations in Reno, Nevada, and San Jose, Santa Clara, and Alison Viejo, California. Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy as a result of seeking treatment for anger management.

Gain peace of mind

Anger and other strong negative emotions like sadness and frustration can take a lot out of you. It’s difficult living with angry outbursts, for you as well as for others who may be hurt or put off by your anger. When you can learn effective anger management strategies, you can reclaim your peace of mind, and free up space in your life for better things.

Improve your work performance

Untreated anger issues can hold you back at work or in school. If you can learn more about the root causes of your anger, you may be able to handle your negative emotions more effectively. The anger management experts at Nugent Family Counseling can help you understand how your anger keeps you from becoming your best self.

Improve your personal relationships

Intimate, family, and social relationships are all deeply affected by anger issues. Aggression, violence, and negative outbursts can damage your connections with your loved ones, and cause division and resentment. As your provider at Nugent Family Counseling helps you get control of your anger and develop better strategies for coping with and processing your emotions, your personal relationships have a chance to heal.

Pursue your personal goals

When you regularly deal with problematic levels of anger, your personal and life goals get derailed by your emotional situation. You might have given up on some dreams due to anger triggers, or lost opportunities as a result of unmanaged anger issues. As you grow more able to tame your uncontrolled anger, your dreams and life path can open up again in front of you, giving you more reasons to look forward to the future.

Protect your physical health

Anger puts your body through physical stress, and can make you more likely to deal with health problems like high blood pressure. And, anger management issues often go hand in hand with alcohol or drug abuse problems, also threats to your long-term physical health and wellness.

Depending on your unique mental and physical health care needs, you may benefit from medication management for underlying depression, anxiety, or addiction. Treatment with neurofeedback, aromatherapy, and other techniques can also boost the effectiveness of your anger management counseling.

To take control of your life back from your anger management issues, get in touch with the experts at Nugent Family Counseling Center today. We can diagnose your anger management problem, and recommend the best treatment plan for you. You can schedule an appointment over the phone, or book online now.

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