What Causes Anger Management Issues?

What Causes Anger Management Issues?

We all get angry, even hopping mad, from time to time. Anger is a healthy part of any emotional toolkit. But, for some individuals, anger becomes an issue, burning hot or long, getting out of control and causing personal and interpersonal problems.

Why do some people struggle more than others with anger management? What could be causing your or your loved one’s anger management issues? At Nugent Family Counseling Center of San Jose and Santa Clara, California, and Reno, Nevada, our team of mental health counseling experts can help.

Under the leadership of Dr. Geoff Nugent, our team provides anger management counseling and support. We help you understand more about the causes of anger management issues, and deal with anger problems at their source.

Triggering causes of anger management issues

Anger management problems may arise in relation to a triggering event or stress. Too much stress in general can trigger anger management problems, as can sensitive subjects like finances, personal relationships, or experiences of recent or intense grief.

If your anger management issues relate to a triggering event, psychotherapy and counseling can help you handle the situation and keep things in perspective. It’s important to seek the extra care and support you need to manage anger in a healthy way during a difficult time.

Underlying disorders and anger management issues

Anger management may also be connected to an underlying condition or disorder. If you or a loved one struggle to control destructive emotions of anger, harming yourself and alienating others, you may be seeing a symptom of an underlying disorder.

Identifying underlying issues lets you comprehend anger problems in context. You could be dealing with:

Addressing your anger management issues

The mental health care experts at Nugent Family Counseling Center discover the cause of your anger management issues. Your provider may diagnose you with an underlying condition, and recommend treatment. We develop unique anger management treatment plans for each of our patients. Your anger management treatment could include:

To find out more about the causes of anger issues, and what you can do to take back control, get in touch with Nugent Family Counseling Center now. Request an appointment online, or call now to schedule your first anger management treatment session. 

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