Why Customized PTSD Treatment is Important

Why Customized PTSD Treatment is Important

Trauma causes lasting psychological reactions. Many people who have experienced chronic or acute trauma in the past continue to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for years afterward.

PTSD destabilizes your mental health, and makes it challenging to move forward into a better future. If you have PTSD, you may notice symptoms such as anxiety, flashbacks, or feelings of intrusive guilt or shame, among other complex reactions.

Because PTSD can arise from so many types of traumatic experience, and because PTSD symptoms can vary so much from patient to patient, the team at Nugent Family Counseling Center, under the leadership of Dr. Geoff Nugent, relies on a customized treatment approach when dealing with this type of mental health counseling.

With personalized, one-on-one connection to a provider at our San Jose and Santa Clara, California, and Reno, Nevada, locations, you can complete your journey toward healing after trauma. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of a customized treatment approach.

The complex causes of trauma

Many types of trauma can leave you coping with PTSD. You could experience PTSD due to distressing experiences like:

Trauma can have complex causes. You might suffer from PTSD due to intimate partner abuse, divorce, past child abuse, or other traumatic experiences.

The range of PTSD symptoms

The symptoms of PTSD also don’t look the same for everyone. In fact, most people react differently to experiences of trauma. If you’re coping with PTSD, you may have signs and symptoms such as:

Treatment that puts you first

With all the complex factors involved in PTSD, it’s no wonder that it takes personalized care and mental health support for recovery to occur. At Nugent Family Counseling, that’s the kind of care we provide, adjusting your treatment plan based on your unique mental health support needs and trauma history.

Depending on your mental health care needs, your provider at Nugent Family Counseling Center designs a custom treatment plan to address your PTSD symptoms, and help you process the root cause of your distress. You may be able to benefit from treatment options, therapies, and approaches including:

With a fully customized treatment plan, you can resolve your mental health symptoms due to PTSD, and move forward into a brighter future after healing from traumas of the past. To learn more about all the benefits of personalized PTSD treatment, get in touch with the Nugent Family Counseling Center team today.

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